Green Chick 21 Begins…

IMG_3849Welcome to my Green Chick 21 blog! I hope to entertain, teach and inspire you to live a healthier life. Stay tuned because we’re going to be exploring some fun stuff! I LOVE healthy food, exercise, gardening and living green!

Let me tell you a little about myself so far… First, and most importantly, I am a wife to a wonderfully supportive man and mom to three beautiful kids.  I am also a nationally certified group fitness instructor and teach Yoga, Pilates and Weight Training classes. I’ve managed a health and weight loss resort, where people came from all over the world to lose weight and regain their health.  I use REAL food, mostly fresh, non-GMO, organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains in my cooking. I have three amazing hydroponic Tower Gardens, which produce an impressive amount of edible food. And last, but not least, I strive towards leaving this planet in better shape than I found it!

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